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Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD & BricsCAD

Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD and BricsCAD is a batch of practical and valuable tools that will reduce the number of tiresome tasks and make your work in AutoCAD/BricsCAD faster and more efficient.

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AutoCAD/BricsCAD Toolkit includes nine sets of tools:


Selection Filter

The Selection filter tool helps selecting AutoCAD entities from a tree like control.

Select Elements on Layer

Select all entities on layer just by selecting one element on that particular layer.

Show Xdata

Review object extended entity data on a specific item if it exists.


Spreadsheet Properties

Use this powerful tool to populate Excel like spreadsheet with AutoCAD entity properties. Take advantage of excel functionality to manipulate properties and push changes back to the drawing.


Align objects to selected line. You can optionally rotate selected objects to match the rotation of line and define object insertion point.

Elevation Editor

This command allows you to review and edit the elevations or grades of different vertices of your 3D polyline.


Extended Polyline

With the Extended Polyline command, you can now create a 3D polyline by continuously defining its elevation, grade, or arc.

3D Fillet

Fillet a 3D polyline by inserting tessellated arc.

3D Offset

Command similar to AutoCAD offset with option to define vertical offset. Works also on 3D Polylines.

Convert to 3D Polyline

Convert 2D polylines into 3D polylines.

Multiple Offset

The Multiple Offset command, allows you to create multiple offsets at once. Create offsets (for example, 5 offsets at 2 feet apart) with a live preview, toggle offset orientation, and save the most often used offsets as a preset.


Label Elevation

Define a base point location and elevation then label additional elevations by selecting points on screen. These elevations are in relation to the basepoint location and elevation.

Label Slope

Label slopes of a 2D or 3D polyline. 2D polyline’s slopes are calculated in XY plane. 3D polyline’s slopes are calculated from Z vertex coordinate.

Polyline Wipeout

Create wipeout element around polyline to improve polyline’s visibility. You can define buffer of your wipeout.

Block Legend

Create a legend of blocks in your drawing in one instance. Define the blocks that should appear in legend and optionally enter a description for each block.

Hatch Legend

Create a legend of hatches in your drawing in one instance. Define the hatches that should appear in legend and optionally enter a description for each hatch pattern.

Linetype Legend

Create legend of line types in your drawing in one instance. Define the line types that should appear in legend and optionally enter a description for each line type.


Sum of Text

Summarize selected text objects by selecting them on screen then insert the result in the drawing as a piece of text.

Total Length

Calculate the total length of all selected linear objects.


Create Viewport

Position your viewport by defining paper size, margins and scale. Appropriate rectangle will be presented in model space enabling you to interactively position it by defining location and rotation.

Rename Sheets

Renaming multiple sheets can be a tedious task if you do it one by one. With this tool you can rename multiple sheets at once. Tool also changes layout names.


Export XYZ

Export the insertion point of selected block entities or manually pick points on screen to export out into a standard ASCII XYZ file.


Copy to clipboard

Quickly copy file or folder path to clipboard.


Open Folder

Opens MyDocuments, Desktop or containing drawing folder.

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