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Kobi toolkit 2024?

Kobi Toolkit for Civil 3D

Version 2024.2

Supported platforms: Civil 3D 2019 – 2024

Create Multiple Corridors

With Create Multiple Corridors you can select multiple alignments, set your corridor style, and target surface to create multiple corridors at once. The tool also allows you to join them into a single corridor.

Create Reverse Profile

The finished Ground Profile is not automatically updated when you reverse the direction and stationing of an Alignment, but it retains in the original direction. The Create Reverse Profile command allows you to reverse the Finished Ground Profile direction after the Alignment direction is reversed.

Profile Tangency Check

This command analyzes the selected alignment or profile and detects and labels tangents without curves.

Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD and BricsCAD

Version 2024.2

Supported platforms: AutoCAD 2019 – 2024, BricsCAD V22 – V23

Multiple Offset

The Multiple Offset command, allows you to create multiple offsets at once. Create offsets (for example, 5 offsets at 2 feet apart) with a live preview, toggle offset orientation, and save the most often used offsets as a preset.

Extended Polyline

One of the limitations of 3D polyline is that it doesn’t prompt you for elevations or curves. With the Extended Polyline command, you can now create a 3D polyline by continuously defining its elevation, grade, or arc.

Elevation Editor

This command allows you to review and edit the elevations or grades of different vertices of your 3D polyline.

Block Legend – Include Block Count

We’ve updated our Block Legend command and added an option to include block count.

Block Legend - Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD

Kobi Toolkit for Revit

Version 2024.1

Supported platforms: Revit 2018 – 2024

Room to 3D – This command allows you to visualize Rooms as 3D volumes. Revit allows you to define and view Rooms only in 2D, with the help of this tool you can better grasp the spatial qualities, proportions, and relationships within a building. 3D volumes will include Identity Data, Volume, Phasing, and information about IFC Parameters.

User Interface Modernization – All the icons of Kobi Toolkit for Revit were replaced with a new modernized version aligned with Revit’s latest design. New icons were made for light and dark theme.

Kobi Toolkit for Revit - icons 2024

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