Kobi Signs & Stripes

Kobi Signs & Stripes is a specialized plugin for designing Traffic Signs, Guide Signs and Road Markings. You can insert signs and markings from standardized libraries or your own libraries. All elements can be accurately projected onto the TIN surface model. Improve the accuracy of your projects by automatically creating reports and save time by creating realistic visualizations for further analysis.

Kobi Signs & Stripes can be used on the following platforms:

    • Autodesk Civil 3D®, versions 2020–2024
    • Autodesk AutoCAD®, versions 2020–2024
    • BricsCAD® Pro/BIM/Mechanical, versions V22–V24

For trial and purchase, please contact sales@kobilabs.com.

Kobi Signs & Stripes categories of features:


Insert Traffic Signs

Commands for inserting traffic signs on polylines or alignments and projecting them onto the TIN surface. You can insert traffic signs in 2D views, section views, and 3D views. Insert a single traffic sign or a group of signs from road databases automatically.

KobiLabs_Signs&Stripes_Insert Traffic Signs
Edit Traffic Signs

Edit the parameters of selected sign holder and traffic signs attached to it. You can also change the base alignment, edit the sign holder parameters, add foundations, change the base surface, draw or hide a 3D view, or edit the scale for multiple sign holders.

KobiLabs_Signs&Stripes_Edit traffic Signs
Create Guide Signs

Create custom signs with dynamic blocks. With this command you can assemble complex signs and boards by adding elements such as arrows, symbols and other signs to them. All added elements can be dynamically edited to reflect the actual state of traffic management.

KobiLabs_Signs&Stripes_Traffic Guide Signs
Create Traffic Signs Report

Create a traffic signs report that can contain individual signs, all signs, or only signs positioned on a specific alignment or polyline. Include any sign and sign holder parameters in the report. Update all traffic signs reports to show any edits of signs and sign holders.

KobiLabs_Signs&Stripes_Traffic signs report


Create and Edit Markings

Commands that allow you to create and edit line markings, cross markings, area markings, and lane markings. Enchance productivity by creating custom templates of road markings and use the auto preview option to review changes in real time before confirming them.
Road markings can also be projected onto complex TIN surfaces.

KobiLabs_Signs&Stripes_Create and Edit Markings
Label Markings

Label selected road markings according to the specified label formula.

KobiLabs_Signs&Stripes_Label Markings
Markings Report

Create a report for the selected road marking types and define the parameters you want to include. Update the markings report to reflect the latest changes.

KobiLabs_Signs&Stripes_Road markings report

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